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yard drainage and french drains tampaLandscape Drainage Solutions

DTGG Landscaping Tampa offers landscape drainage services for residential properties.  We design, install and maintain drainage systems that manage groundwater, keeping it away from your home and directing it out into the yard, into areas where the excess water cannot result in negative consequences like flooding, pooling or ponding.
We design and install the best drain option to fit the needs of the property.  We primarily utilize French and zipper drains to handle drainage issues, and also install downspout diversions to funnel water coming from gutters and downspouts far away from a home’s foundation.  We also use drains and diversions to ensure that water is not directed onto hardscape, but is rather piped underground and then away from the usable areas of the property.


We offer the following types of landscaping drains and drainage systems for residential properties:

  • French Drains
  • Zipper Drains/Surface Drains
  • Downspout Diversions
  • Perforated Collection Lines